Top Brass Carton-Bulk Brass

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Top Brass Carton-Bulk Brass

    • Available in both rifle and pistol brass
    • Full-length sized to SAAMI specifications
    • Once-fired brass is cleaned, polished and sorted
Bulk Brass from Top Brass is 100% load-ready, guaranteed-once-fired brass that’s been fully reconditioned. It comes sorted, deprimed, full-length sized, reamed, cleaned and polished for your reloading needs. All rifle brass has received a case-mouth trim to ensure consistent length, while all military/commercial-mix reconditioned pistol brass is fully resized for consistent, uniform diameter on all shell casings. .300 Blackout is formed from once-fired military 5.56 NATO brass casings. Plus, Top Brass guarantees all reconditioned brass products are within SAAMI specifications for all calibers. Per 1,000.