Caldwell® Nonpivoting XLA Bipod



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Caldwell® Nonpivoting XLA Bipod

    • Built of sturdy, lightweight aluminum
    • Telescoping legs
    • Mounts to almost any gun
This bipod mounts to almost any gun with a front sling stud. Its base is padded to protect the gun finish. Built of sturdy, lightweight aluminum with soft, quiet rubber feet. When not in use, legs fold forward, parallel to the barrel. Touch a button and they spring down to the shooting position. Telescoping legs adjust in length and are notched for easy indexing to a specific height. Sling connects under bipod base.

  • 6″ to 9″
  • 9″ to 13″
  • 13″ to 23″
  • 13-1/2″ to 27″